If an unexpected material failure occurs, Jalco will make a set-up appointment with your customer with your company name and confirm the procedure and method to clear defect content.
After confirmation of the defect content, follow the corrective of (sorting · rework) work and immediately send workers with the appropriate leader as needed.
Daily base defect reports (with photo if needed) and inspection rework result, we will report by e-mail every day.
If the rework needs to be reworked at our facility we will arrange movement with the customer.
We will arrange to ship back all defective products after completion of the inspection.
We will support Japanese, English, German, Spanish, Slovak, Hungarian, Czech, Polish and Russian language.

Temporary staffing and agency business

During a sudden production plan change, we can quickly send Jalco worker, we will send supervisor and worker with a one day lead-time before the required number of worker the next day.
Accounting services, Translator, technical positions for electrical and electronic plant technician, IT technicians, administrative staff.
Sales agency , European Representative Office agency, Rep work.
Introduce or negotiation reliable subcontractors (molded products, metal stamping, wire harness, etc.) in Europe, negotiations.
Check stock management operations such as VMI warehouse.
Europeanproducts sample procurement and shipping service.